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The Well-Being of the Planet and Humankind

We are currently experiencing times in which extreme temperatures have sparked wildfires across the states of California, Oregon, and Washington destroying thousands of acres. Alongside this, police brutality targeted towards the black community is ever-present and increasingly apparent. Both of these pressing issues have me reflecting on the well-being of the planet and of humankind.

This leads me to the thought that the peace and security of all of us (as a community) depends on many factors. Among these being respect for one another. By this, I mean respect not only for all races, creeds, social backgrounds and so forth, but also for other living beings: plants, animals, or even the air and water that we may sometimes take for granted.

Let us hope that unity is firmly established among us for the recovery of the whole planet and the harmonization of all of its components.

In the picture below you can see a project which a good friend commissioned. I would happily take on similar projects or commissions you might have in mind.

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