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Angela Palacios started her artistic journey in her early twenties while balancing work, motherhood and engagement in her community.
In 2017 she found herself able to devote more time to making an impact in the lives of individuals touched by her art.
AP Color Paintings site provides information about her creative process, and images of past and present projects. The artist hopes to share some of the beauty that surrounds us, as well as some of the joy and warmth that she gets from being present with nature. 
Angela  grew up in Colombia, a place full of color. The bright blue sky, the deep green mountains, and a myriad of colorful fruits and flowers are always present in her mind; they are a constant source of inspiration for her artistic work.
She also finds her inspiration from her travels to many sites around the world.
Through her art, she explores colorful expressions present in our everyday surroundings; depicting the constant awe of nature.

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