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Water Series Development

As I continue to work on my Water Series, I have spent many hours by the ocean.

This gives me the wonderful chance to breath in the positive energy present in nature, to exercise, to meditate and be thankful.

I can only feel blessed and in awe by what I experience at the beach. During these past weeks in SoCal, I was able to see dolphins swimming freely a couple of times, a manta ray passing right under my paddle board, joyful faces (including the ones of my two children), and magnificent waves with the never ending of colors.

Interestingly enough, during my Monday morning devotional I was asked the following question:

"What is a source of joy in your life?" to which my answer was: "Nature."

I enjoy depicting nature though my canvases and I hope you get joy out of them too!

Abdu'l- Bahá wrote that, "True happiness depends on spiritual good and having a heart open to receive the Divine Bounty"which is something I very much agree with.

What is a source of joy or happiness in your life?

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