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Rediscovering Oneself Through Nature

2020 has been a year which provides us with an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, to rediscover the value of life's simple pleasures, the value of family time, of health, and of nature. In a time where many activities are strongly discouraged or banned, a walk or jog has become highly cherished.

One of the many beautiful options in Oregon is the national scenic area of the Columbia River Gorge, a jewel in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. This three-piece panel was inspired by the epic vistas offered by the canyon which stretches over more than eighty miles as the river winds westward through the Cascade Mountain Range. It depicts a view from one of its numerous trails leading its way through paths carved by thousands of years through the multilayered ancient volcanic rock of the Range, its cliff sides, the peaky pines, and the Vista House at Crown Point, all enveloped in a gorgeous sunset backdrop.

To me, this is one of the places which I think back on as an opportunity to truly stop and “rediscover” myself. I am delighted to offer these pieces individually or as a full three-piece panel. You can see an example of both below.

Hope you find an inspiring location to take in the beauty of nature and appreciate everything your state has to offer this week.

With love,


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