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Color's Influence for Healing in Times of Turmoil

No matter your political preferences, it is undeniable that the United States is currently going through a challenging period. Many are finding themselves coming to terms with harsh realities or processing emotionally charged information. During times like these, it is important to focus on being the best version one can be while being considerate to people from all races and backgrounds. 

This is where beauty can take a role. The beauty found in nature is reflective of unique energies that stem from color being the resulting product of light vibrating at different frequencies. Several studies have found that simply taking in different colors has the potential to impact our mood. By allowing yourself to be fully immersed in a painting (if only for a couple of minutes) or taking a walk in nature, beneficial self-healing can come into play. Personally, I have found that self-healing allows individuals to extend positive and loving energy to others. This in turn perhaps will lead to engaging in meaningful conversations regarding race relations in the world and the recognition of the oneness of humanity.



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