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Adventure Time

Updated: May 28, 2020

With many counties and states de-escalating COVID-19 related closures, we are still being asked to stay close to home (and for a good reason). This opens up the opportunity to explore local places that you may not have necessarily considered in the past. Did you know that there are hundreds of trails in the Portland/Valley region of Oregon?

Look up trails on sites such as for Oregon, or for California. These guides offer a variety of accessibility options and are sure to draw out the adventurous side of even the most “homebody".

This painting shows one of the trails along Swami's Beach that I enjoy walking along as it is a great vantage point for watching surfers and enjoying soothing sunsets along the beautiful sand beach. It provides both: positive energy and vibes, as well as an opportunity for relaxation and focusing on one-self.

What are some of your favorite trails to explore?



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